Wardrobe Gaps List: Revisited

My closet, Nov 2011 (this is why I have a limited wardrobe)

To help me focus in my shopping once again, I’ve re-created and updated my Wardrobe Gaps list.  Some of these are repeats from my 2010 list, but many are new.  My focus is always on getting quality key pieces that can really bring my wardrobe up a notch.  This doesn’t always mean spending a ton of money though – I thrift, consign and scour eBay regularly for deals.  For some of the items, I plan on going with particular brands, so I list them there.  Here’s my new list:


  • ¾ sleeve dresses (just bought 2 more of these, but these are such a staple that I could still go for more)
  • Short sleeve dresses
  • Solid color shift dress
  • Casual jersey dress
  • Sweater dress (plan to knit my own)
  • Tunics with sleeves


  • Black, brown, pinstripe work slacks (cotton preferred)
  • Skinny ankle jeans (dark wash)
  • Cotton twill Capri (light brown or olive green)
  • Casual khaki or olive green pants


  • Colorful pencil skirt
  • Casual Jersey skirt
  • Denim skirt
  • Maxi skirt
  • Swishy printed skirt


  • Short sleeved work tops
  • ¾ sleeve tops for work
  • Long sleeve tops for work
  • Cute graphic tees
  • Solid tees
  • Black cashmere sweater – moths got my old one 😦


  • Cropped cardigans (J Crew)
  • Cashmere cardigans (J Crew)
  • Gray hoodie
  • Track jacket (AA)
  • Wool coat (J. Crew)
  • Casual cotton jacket
  • Cropped blazer




  • Stone pendant necklace
  • Silver long pendant necklace
  • Medium silver hoops
  • Vintage pencil necklace (like Joan)
  • Dangle-y earrings



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4 Responses to Wardrobe Gaps List: Revisited

  1. Natalie says:

    This is such a smart idea! Good luck on filling in the gaps!

    Also, love the word “swishy” 🙂


  2. Shybiker says:

    Your organizational skills are impressive and pay off. Most of us lack that discipline and our wardrobe shows it.


  3. Clara says:

    I totally love this plan. Will you please come to my house and organize my closet and help me make a wardrobe plan? I need some serious help!!! 🙂


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