11 in 2011: Wrap up

As the year comes to a close, I’m taking some time to reflect on my 11 in 2011 goals and how I did.


1: Finish my teaching certificate:  PROGRESS  At the time I set this goal, I thought that it would be achievable in one year.  Unfortunately, it wasn’t.  However, I am on track with all of my certification classes and tests, and should get my teaching certificate in June 2012.


2: Subscribe to local food co-op delivery:   FAIL  I looked up companies that I was interested in subscribing to, but I never got around to actually signing up.

3: Learn how to use kitchen knives properly: FAIL I just didn’t do this at all.

4: Cook one new recipe every month: WIN I tried lots of new recipes this year, and while I didn’t document every single one, I definitely expanded my cooking repertoire.


5: Stop procrastinating doctor’s appointments: WIN I actually used my health insurance this year.  I went to the doctor when I was sick, I saw the dermatologist, I’m setting up an appointment to get an IUD with my gynecologist.  I got my vision checked and got contacts.  Only thing I skipped out on was the dentist.  Have to make sure I do that in 2012.

6: Go deeper in my practice of yoga: WIN I researched ayurveda, and while I wasn’t keen on it, it was fun to learn about.  I tried hot yoga again and hated it, but at least I tried.  I found a yoga instructor that I really liked and have started regularly attending classes with her.  And I can almost do a handstand.  Win!


7: Knit myself a sweater: WIN It still hasn’t gotten cold enough in Florida yet to wear my lovely sweater, but it will, gosh darn it.

8: Plant a butterfly/bee garden: PROGRESS I planted a succulent container garden.  That counts for something right?

9: Take more photos more often, and make them better: PROGRESS I did start taking more pictures when I switched out lens, but I haven’t done everything I’d like.  I still need to take my flash and my camera into the shop for tune ups, and I’d like to get a fixed 50mm lens and a nice camera bag.  Also, I want to get a point and shoot digital for fun casual shots.

Life and Money

10: Make a new budget and stick to it: PROGRESS (SORT OF) I made a budget for a few months, and then promptly stopped using it.  This I do need to work on.  However, I have gotten in the habit of setting aside my rent money with every paycheck.  I also work on paying off my credit card and slowly building up a savings account with each paycheck.  So not perfect, but still an improvement.

11: Hang out with In Real Life friends more often: PROGRESS I made new friends this year and tried to hang out with old friends more.  I still didn’t do this as much as I would have liked.  I’m such an introvert – I really need to try harder next year to break out of my shell.


So that’s my 11 in 2011 progress.  There will likely be a 12 in 2012, but I haven’t decided yet. I like having a set of goals for the year, but I need to make sure I don’t forget about them if I do this again in 2012.

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  1. Shybiker says:

    Better success than most people have. I just read a good post on resolutions that advises against setting too many goals. Eleven was super-ambitious. If I can meet 3-4, that’s ample.

    http://sweetandsage.com/ (Sage’s blog)

    Happy New Year!


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