Summer 12 in 2012


Summer 12 in 2012

Last summer, I set up 11 goals and completed most of them.  This summer, I have 12.  I like setting goals for myself and working towards them.  I guess that’s just my personality.  These goals will also give me something to document when my outfits are less than stylish, because unfortunately, you can only be so stylish and still decent when it’s 90 degrees and more every day.  Some goals are health and fitness based,  some are just learning to be more of an adult, and some are just fun.  Enjoy!

  • #1 – Create a workout plan that I can continue in the school year

Last summer, I worked out a lot.  Every morning, I’d get up at 6:00 am and go for a run, swim laps, or strength train.  I lost weight, and felt awesome.  Then the school year started, and early morning workouts didn’t happen,  since I prefer to not workout until the sun has at least started to rise.  I had some afternoon workouts, but they were inconsistent.  I felt sluggish, and my clothes started to not fit so well.

This summer, I want to prevent that.  My part time work schedule will be similar to my full-time one (but part time, obviously).  This means that I might have some morning workouts, but that most will need to be in the afternoon.  I did this on purpose so that I could develop habits that I can carry through to the school year.  I may not like swimming at 3:30 pm rather than 7:00 am, but if I want to keep swimming in the school year, that’s what I need to do.

  • #2 –  Swim once a week

Tying into the last goal.  I love swimming.  I live in Florida.  You can pretty much swim year round in Florida.  And yet, I generally only do it during the summer.  This time, I want to develop a habit of swimming in the afternoons, so that I can hopefully continue it when I go back to full-time.

  • #3 –  Try one new Paleo recipe each week

With more time in the afternoons, there’s no excuse for me to not try out new recipes.  I’m tired of having the same old repertoire.  To help with this goal, I’m printing out recipes from some of my favorite Paleo/Primal blogs and putting them in a notebook.

  • #4 –  Finally buy that co-op delivery subscription

I’ve been saying I was going to do this for years.  I can actually afford it now.  It will save me money in the long run.  Really, there’s no reason not to.

  • #5 –  Start eating grass-fed and finished beef (cowpooling anyone?)

Grassfed and finished is better for the cow, and it’s better for the person eatting the cow.  It’s also expensive, unless you buy in bulk.  I don’t have a giant freezer, so I’m trying to find someone else to split a 1/4 steer with me.  It’s a lot of money initially, but SO much cheaper than buying the meat you need each week.

  • #6 –  Ride my bike once a week, for pleasure or exercise (or both)

Riding my bike is awesome, and there’s plenty of local places to visit on bike (library!  antique shops!  coffee! yoga studio I’ve been meaning to check out!).  No more reason is needed.

  • #7 –  Organize the closets in my house

My clothes closet is fine, so this is referring to the other closets in my house.  I need to pull everything out, get rid of what I don’t need, and come up with a better storage and organization plan (hello IKEA!)

  • #8 –  Save $$ for car down-payment

I have my paychecks set up to be spread out over the entire year rather than ten months, so my part-time work this summer is actually extra money that I don’t have to have to live off of.  Rather than blowing it all (which is what I did last summer) my plan is to immediately put it in a savings account for a car down-payment.  Because my car is now a teenager, and I’ll need to replace it in the next few years.

  • #9 –  Make Renter’s Insurance notebook

I finally bought Renter’s Insurance.  Now I need documentation.  Photos of stuff in the house, copies of receipts.  Summer is a good time to get this done.

  • #10 –  Go to the dentist! 

Really, why haven’t I done this yet?

  • #11 –  Plant a mini-herb garden

I’m not super ambitious here, but I would like to grow some parsley, rosemary, mint and basil again.  I think my not-so-green thumb can handle that much.

  • #12 –  Buy some yarn and start a project

Since I knitted that sweater last summer, I haven’t knitted at all.  It’s not really that I’ve been too busy, I just haven’t taken the time to pick out some yarn and get started.  So my goal this year is not to finish a project, but to just buy the damn yarn and start one.



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11 Responses to Summer 12 in 2012

  1. Bex says:

    Yay, goals! These sound like a ton of fun. You have a great summer ahead of you. I feel like choosing a project and yarn is sometimes the best part!


  2. Please blog about the Paleo recipes you try! I’ve been curious about it, but haven’t done any research. Do it for me, please! 😉


  3. Shybiker says:

    Great goals. I especially encourage you to pursue the bike-riding. When you get on a bike, you instantly realize how much fun it is.


  4. Sandy says:

    I can tell you an herb garden is doable! I am notorious for having a black thumb. I was given an herb set for my birthday this past year with 12 different types of herbs. While some didn’t make it to the start line, mustard (which I don’t even know how to cook with or what!) has become like a weed to the point where the little stalks cannot handle the huge leaves! And mint, well, mint basically is a weed (a delicious weed that we use often!)


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