Bento Box Saturday: 10-13-12

*Welcome to Bento Box Saturday. Most weeks, I post photos of some of my bento lunches from that week.  I generally use a Laptop Lunches bento box for my lunches and I love it because it helps me to reduce the amount waste I create.  I also love how it makes for perfect portion sizes.  And my lunches look pretty cute too:)  To learn more about how I pack and carry my Laptop Lunches bento, check out this post.  I also use a LunchbotsTrio and Quad*

  • Grilled beef heart with sauce (from Fire it Up)
  • Salad with lettuce, avocado, feta, red bell pepper, red onions)
  • Red bell pepper and celery sticks
  • Apple. macadamia nuts

Organ meats are so good for you.  I want to learn to like them, I really do.  But the beef heart was just meh.  Like steak, but chewy and without all the tasty fat.  I wasn’t crazy about the sauce either.  I ate it, but only because I hate to waste food.  Still looking for some organ recipes that I will actually like, especially with liver.

  • Steak and bacon “stew”
  • Spinach and sauteed red cabbage
  • Carrots and avocado
  • Red grapes

One of the things I like to do with my bentos is make leftovers more interesting.  I had some leftover grilled steak that was a little dry.  I also had some leftover drippings for a chicken I roasted.  By combining them (and throwing in a little bacon, just because) I had a sort of stew.   The pale stuff you see is actually some solidified ghee from the chicken drippings, which melted when I heated it up.  Not the most visually appealing meal, but definitely tasty.

  •  Roasted chicken leg
  • Lettuce and sauteed red cabbage with calamata olives
  • Roasted onions and chicken drippings (to go on salad)
  • Roasted sweet potato with cinnamon

One of my favorite types of lunches: shred up the chicken and combine it with the salad.  Heat up the onions and drippings for “dressing” and add it to salad.  Big a** salad with sweet potato for dessert.  Awesome.

  • Avocado
  • Hard boiled eggs with paprika and sage salt
  • Red cabbage and broccoli

And a breakfast bento.  I really stretched out that sauteed red cabbage.  The recipe was from Practical Paleo (again) but I didn’t have granny smith apples, so I just sauteed the cabbage with onions.  I never really gave cabbage a shot until recently, and now I love it.  So good for you, and super cheap too.


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  1. natalie says:

    We have been eating a lot of red cabbage too. Usually have it as sweet and sour with chicken.


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