Tropical Fall

It’s officially Fall in Florida – my tree’s in full bloom.  And it got cool enough to turn off the AC, open up the windows and air out the house.  So to celebrate, I wore a skirt that looks like peacock feathers.  I live in Florida after all – it’s okay to be a bit tropical even when it’s not summer.


This is another Patagonia Kamala skirt, like the one I posted over the summer.  Except that this one is a different print (obviously) and it’s a size smaller, so it sits up a little higher on my waist.  The fun thing about skirts is that you can wear multiple sizes, and it just changes how they sit on you.  Both sizes work on me right now. Oh, and this skirt was part of an insanely awesome deal I got on eBay.  I’ve been stalking Patagonia skirts ever since I got my other one this summer, and this gorgeous peacock one was part of a lot that included a black Calvin Klein maxi dress, a pima cotton jersey button down, and a Juicy Couture night gown.  That whole lot cost me a mere $25, including shipping.  Which is half the cost of just the skirt new.  I’m ditching the night gown (not a Juicy fan), but I’ll definitely be putting the other three into regular rotation.

Skirt detail

What’s the best deal you’ve ever found on an item of clothing?

Tee: Talbots (thrifted)
Skirt: Patagonia Kamala (via eBay)
Sandals: Dansko Novalee (via eBay)
Necklace: Vintage
Watch: Fossil Outlet
Purse: Timbuk2

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4 Responses to Tropical Fall

  1. Sage says:

    Cute skirt! I don’t shop for clothes often, so I usually don’t find many deals. I just buy the things I like when I see them regardless of whether it’s on sale or if I have a coupon.


  2. carissaabc says:

    i don’t know if it was my best ever deal on clothes, but i was pretty excited last weekend to find a pair of rust-colored corduroy pants labeled “Pilcro and the Letterpress” at Goodwill for $4, on sale half price. They needed a bit of patching on the back pockets (done in less than 10 minutes) and after a quick web search, I discovered that these were originally from Anthropologie for $118! They are so stretchy that they feel like pajamas and I might possibly wear them way too much this season. They have enormously flared legs, but i love them anyway.

    congrats on your e-bay score!


  3. Tara says:

    I have to say that although the weather is calmer now, it makes me want to see ‘real’ fall that much more. The best deal ever for me was a fantastic pair of Doc Martens for $7.50 at my local Goodwill. I wasn’t looking for anything, they just divinely appeared -after I was done perusing the shoe section, I turned around and there they were!


  4. Shybiker says:

    What pretty colors. The skirt is exceptional.

    I apologize for losing track of your blog. Did you switch something? For unknown reason, your blog dropped off my reader and I assumed you weren’t posting. I’m glad I found you again. 🙂


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