Winter 13 Wrap up

**Every season, I post a set of goals that I set out to accomplish. I track my progress here on my blog. I like the challenge of setting goals – it helps me to accomplish so much more.**

From my Whole30/21 DSD: Day1

This past Winter was, in fact, probably one of the busiest seasons I’ve ever had in my life. Thus, I didn’t complete as many of my goals as I set out to finish. But it was a very full and happy season overall, so I’m still pleased as punch with what I accomplished. Here’s the re-cap on my Winter 13.
1) Complete a Whole 30 and 21 Day Sugar Detox:  Done!  Still have to go back and reflect on my experience, but it was definitely a good one.


2) Make sauerkraut from scratch: Done! And so easy!

Liver pate – yum!

3) Try two new liver recipes: Done!  Well, it was the same recipe, once with chicken livers and once with beef.  And I actually like it!  The fact that it has an insane amount of ghee in it probably doesn’t hurt.  Recipe in Practical Paleo.

4) Make a raw dessert – Totally forgot about this one.

5) Get at least 30 minutes of walking every week – Biked a lot, but really slacked off on the walking

6) Do a bento Q & A post (or series) – Whoops!

7) Blog twice a week – Again, didn’t happen.

8) Take a de-load week – Done!  Slept in a ton, but didn’t do as much yoga as planned. Still delightfully restful.

9) Put $40 of every paycheck towards student loans – Done half the time.  Better than nothing.  Need to try to find a way to automate this, but for some reason, it’s much easier to make your monthly payment less than it is to increase it.

Biking downtown

10) Go biking on a trail – Didn’t bike on trails, but did make several 10 mile round trip bike rides into town.  Getting a hitch put on my car soon and have a bike rack, so this will be happening.

11) Knit a scarf – Half-way through one, not sure if it’s helping get my knitting mojo back.

12) Get camera fixed – Turns out it’s worse than I thought – it will cost several hundred to repair, and for a seven-plus year old digital camera, it’s just not worth it.  I’m looking into saving up for a Canon Rebel T series, which start around $550 for the cheapest model.

13) Do a re-con project and post it (and maybe visit the Goodwill Clearance Center too) – Crazy busyness kept me from this.  There was a little sewing, but just basic hemming projects.


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  1. Sage says:

    I love your quarterly goals. You might not finish every one, but you do more than if you hadn’t planned them out. Um…what about getting married? That was a huge accomplishment! 🙂


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