Bento Box Saturday: 4-20-13

*Welcome to Bento Box Saturday!  Most Saturdays, I post photos of some of my bento lunches and breakfasts that I’ve made recently.  I use a Laptop Lunches bento box for my lunches and I love it because it helps me to reduce the amount waste I create.  I also love how it makes for perfect portion sizes.  And my lunches look pretty cute too:)  To learn more about how I pack and carry my Laptop Lunches bento, check out this post.  I  use a Lunchbots Trio and Quad for my breakfasts*

April 3, 2013 lunch (Whole30 friendly)

  • Braised beef shanks (recipe coming soon!)
  • Romaine, grape tomato and olive salad
  • Carrot and celery sticks with olive oil mayo (via Well Fed)
  • Banana

This lunch gave me a chance to pair one of my new recipes with my other lunch regulars.  I made braised beef shanks in my pressure cooker, and while they came out tasty, the recipe still needs some tweaking. I plan on writing this in the next couple of weeks or so as one of my Spring 13 goals – writing two recipe posts. (I already posted my recipe for kombucha)

April 16, 2013 lunch (Whole30 friendly)

You may or may not know it, but Cuban culture plays a big part in Tampa.  It’s a part of our heritage as Tampans, not matter what our race is.  My family is white, but I still grew up loving cuban sandwiches, flan, chicken and yellow rice, and of course, fried plantains.  Yet aside from picadillo, I really don’t cook Cuban food as often as I should.  So, when I saw super ripe plantains at a farmer’s market, I scooped them up for some platanos fritos.  All you have to do is slice them up and fry them in coconut oil or ghee.  Yum! (Note: I recognize that plantains are not an exclusively Cuban dish – I’m just giving context).

April 16, 2013 Breakfast (Whole30 and 21DSD friendly)

  • Chopped up burger
  • 1 avocado
  • Spinach and sauerkraut
  • Chopped hard boiled eggs

Nothing too complicated here – just a tasty, protein rich breakfast.

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