13 in 2013: I went No 'Poo (and you can too!)

**Every season, I post a set of goals that I set out to accomplish. I track my progress here on my blog. I like the challenge of setting goals – it helps me to accomplish so much more. This post features one of my Summer 13 goals**

J. R. Liggett's Shampoo Bar

J. R. Liggett’s Shampoo Bar

One month ago, I used up the last of my fancy, expensive salon quality conditioner. I put my half full bottle of chemical laden shampoo in the donate bin, and made the switch to no ‘poo.  For the first two weeks, I went with the traditional baking soda and apple cider vinegar method (see Crunchy Betty’s post for a full description of how this works).

For the first two and half weeks, my hair was gross.  This is known as the adjustment period and is what happens when your hair gets used to not being chemically stripped everyday.  I wore my hair up in braids pretty much everyday during this time – it was the oiliest it’s ever been.

I wasn’t super happy with the baking soda method.  It felt like a lot of work to put it together, it wasn’t very portable for travel, and I just didn’t like how it felt.  I started researching other no ‘poo alternatives, and then discovered J.R. Liggett Herbal Shampoo Bar at one of my local health food stores. I took this with me on my honeymoon, since it was much easier to transport than a bunch of baking soda.  I kept using diluted Apple Cider Vinegar as a conditioning rinse, and started brushing my hair with a boar bristle brush several times a day to help distribute the oils.

And voila!

My hair looks and feels great one month after starting no 'poo

My hair looks and feels great one month after starting no ‘poo


My hair finally hit that magic sweet point where it felt amazing!  Shiny, soft, straight.  It looks just as good as it did when I was using a $25 bottle of fancy shampoo.  So I’m saving money, I’m being easier on the environment, and I’m sparing my skin and scalp from being exposed to unnecessary chemicals.

Now, I will note, the shampoo bar I use does contain lye (sodium hydroxide).  But, this rates “fair” on the Environmental Working Group Skindeep Database, which is the go-to source for learning about the chemicals in products and whether or not they’re safe for you.  And that’s good enough for me – it may not be perfect, but it’s considerably less toxic than my former shampoos and conditioners.  Everything else in the shampoo bar is just natural oils, essential oils, etc.

If you’re interested in trying out no ‘poo, I highly recommend it.  Make sure you give it at least three weeks to get through the adjustment period.  There’s an insane amount of info about no ‘poo out there, some of it good, some of it not.  Here’s some useful links I’ve collected that helped me out:


Some No ‘Poo methods and products:




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  1. Shybiker says:

    Your hair looks good! I believe in using natural products and avoid chemicals.


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  3. eyeliah says:

    I do not miss shampoo, been no ‘poo since march 😀


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