Fall 13: Make 24 hour yogurt

**Every season, I post a set of goals that I set out to accomplish. I track my progress here on my blog. I like the challenge of setting goals – it helps me to accomplish so much more. This post features one of my Fall 13 goals**


Strawberry yogurt!  From scratch!
Strawberry yogurt! From scratch!


I’ve read before that fermenting yogurt for 24 hours gets rid of most of the lactose.  I’ve been mostly off dairy for a year now, and I was curious to see how yogurt made in this way would work for me.  So I dug out my yogurt maker and proceeded to make a batch.

Heat up the milk

Heat up the milk

I used grassfed whole milk, strawberries, and a little organic sugar to make my yogurt.  You have to start by slowly heating up the milk, then letting it cool down.  This part takes the longest, so I did it while prepping my bentos for the week.  I also prepped the strawberries by heating them up with some water and sugar.

Add the starter

Add the starter

Once the milk cooled down to the right temperature (I go by the temperatures that were given with my yogurt maker) I add the starter culture, then the strawberry mixture.  Then it all goes in jars and into the yogurt maker to stay warm for 24 hours.


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(My yogurt maker looks a bit weird because I cracked the smaller cover, so I use the larger cover on top to keep in the warmth and moisture).  After the 24 hours were up, I put lids on the jars and let them cool for an hour.

Cooling time

Cooling time

I was really happy with the results.  Not as thick as store bought yogurt, but definitely delicious.  I’ve had a little everyday for the past week, and I haven’t noticed any digestion distress or breakouts on my skin.  I’ve even been adding some milk to my coffee.  Which leads me to believe that I may not be as sensitive to grassfed dairy as much as I am just sensitive to grain-fed dairy.  Normally, when I have a little dairy, it’s some cheese at a party, or some gelato while out and about.  And I always get breakouts a day or two after.  I didn’t notice that at all with the yogurt or milk this week.  While I don’t plan on consuming dairy every single day or making a new batch of yogurt every week, I plan to try to start experimenting with a little grassfed dairy every once and awhile.  And maybe I’ll try heavy cream in my coffee.

I’m not militaristic about being Paleo.  I lean more towards the ancestral approach – I find what nutrient dense foods work for me and I avoid what doesn’t.  I don’t eat nuts or grains because I find they aggravate my system.  But I do eat honey, white potatoes and now some grassfed dairy because I find that these foods don’t have negative effects on me.  Paleo is not about being perfect – it’s about finding what delicious, nutrient dense foods work for you, and then enjoying them

Now off my soap box, and off to eat a little more yogurt 🙂



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