14 in 2014: January Update

**Every season, I post a set of goals that I set out to accomplish. I track my progress here on my blog. I like the challenge of setting goals – it helps me to accomplish so much more. This post features my Winter 14 goals**

Just checking in with how things are going.  Some goals I’ve been nailing;  others, not so much.



  • Blog on Smiles Go With Everything at least 2x week – I’ve been more or less getting better than this.  I’ve been kind of busy with my librarian blog too, but I’m getting the hang of the balancing act.
  • Frog an old project and knit something new – My Clapotis is looking great!  I’m even starting on a couple of additional projects.
  • Do some serious mending and alterations – Done a couple of projects so far.


  • Plant 2nd veggie garden – Nothing yet.  Haven’t had time.
  • Try 4 new recipes and blog them – One down, three to go.



  • Walk 10,000 steps each day – My Fitbit has been tracking my steps for me, and I’ve found that I easily get 10,000 steps most work days.  I’m working on adding in more walks on the weekends, but this goal may have been set too low.  One busy day I had 17,000 steps!
  • Go to Yoga class five times during the season– Still need to do this.
  • Make or buy some blackout curtains for the bedroom – Done!


  • Use Mint to set a budget – Been checking into Mint a couple times every week, still working on getting a handle on my money.
  • Pay off that credit card!!! – Paid about $200 on it so far.


  • Join a Twitter chat – Done!
  • Watch a TED talk– Done!  Will blog about it soon.


  • Download a meditation app and try it out – I’ve downloaded a couple; haven’t used them yet.
  • Attend a local  meditation class – I’ve looked up class times.



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  1. Sage Grayson says:

    Congrats on walking 10,000 steps most days! I have a fitbit too, but I don’t use it often.


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