Winter 14 Wrap-up

The Winter 14

Yes, I disappeared from the Interwebs for awhile there.  I’ve been spending so much time focused on my career (and my library blog) that Smiles Go With Everything got neglected.  I’m sorry.  I only have so much energy, and lately I’ve just been spent.  I’m still trying to figure out the new direction for Smiles Go With Everything.  I need to find a blogging flow for it and I’m just not there yet.  I’m still not giving up on it, I just need to do some reflecting.

Meanwhile, it’s now Spring and time to think and reflect on Winter and my Winter 14 goals.


  • Blog on Smiles Go With Everything at least 2x week – Well obviously, this didn’t happen at all.
  • Frog an old project and knit something new – I’m knitting and reknitting a scarf right now, and I’ve also started on a blanket with some yarn from a sweater I never wore.
  • Do some serious mending and alterations – I got a lot done in this realm.  Still more projects to work on, but my to-do pile is a lot smaller now


  • Plant 2nd veggie garden – The weather was pretty rotten this winter.  I just never got around to this.
  • Try 4 new recipes and blog them – For some reason I have NOT been motivated to cook these past couple months.  Just getting by with my regular recipes has been all I wanted to do.


  • Walk 10,000 steps each day – Turns out I was pretty much already doing this anyhow
  • Go to Yoga class five times during the season– I bought the class package and never went 😦
  • Make or buy some blackout curtains for the bedroom – Done!  And it’s made a huge difference


  • Use Mint to set a budget – Done, mostly.  I still go over budget sometimes, but I’m more aware of where my money goes.
  • Pay off that credit card!!! – A couple more paychecks and this one will be done too.


  • Join a Twitter chat – Done many times over!  I’ve been really focused on my career this season, and professional Twitter chats have been a part of it.
  • Watch a TED talk– Done many times over.  TED talks are becoming a Sunday ritual for me.


  • Download a meditation app and try it out – Downloaded but never used.  Maybe trying this would actually help other areas of my life.
  • Attend a local  meditation class – Not even close.  I’ve been way too busy lately.

Overall evaluation: I’ve been busy and have had no energy to do anything but focus on my job.  I LOVE my job, but I need to find some more balance in my life too.  Not quite ready to commit to Spring goals yet, but they will definitely involve finding more balance in life.


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