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Tutorial: DIY Earring Holder

I’ve seen and pinned so many DIY earring holders lately, I decided it was time to take the plunge and make my own.  I wanted to create something that would work for my posts and my non-post earrings.  I didn’t … Continue reading

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DIY: Layered Chain Necklace

Last year, I posted about the beautiful layered chain necklaces I was noticing on Etsy.  I love them, but I never actually got around to buying one. Recently, I began to notice that I had quite a few silver chain … Continue reading

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My Jewelry Organization

As you probably know, I love to buy handmade and vintage jewelry.  In fact, jewelry is really one of my favorite things to buy. It always fits, no matter how much your weight fluctuates.  It can instantly transform an outfit. … Continue reading

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Accessories Inventory: Analyzing what you have

Shoes: 23 total (get another view here) Looking at this image, I’m actually surprised at how few pairs of shoes I have.  I’m pretty set in the casual department, mostly from inheriting about five pairs of Chuck Taylors when my … Continue reading

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Accessories Inventory: The Raw Numbers

My Accessories Spread I thoroughly enjoyed my wardrobe inventory, and it seems that many of you did too.  I’ve decided to go ahead and do a similar inventory of my accessories. I don’t think there will be quite as much … Continue reading

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Shopping Ban: Week 4

So, I didn’t buy anything this week, mostly because I don’t get my first full paycheck until next Friday, and money is very tight.  Also, I’m going to the beach for four days starting tomorrow, so I want to save … Continue reading

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Jewelry Organization

My jewelry collection is pretty small by most standards.  However, I still feel the need to keep it organized so that I can easily see what my options are without having to dig through a bunch of necklaces and bracelets.  … Continue reading

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