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Wardrobe Inventory: Revisited

The last time I did a Wardrobe Inventory was back in 2009.  Back then, I was only working part time, and still struggling to figure out exactly what I liked.  I was beginning to experiment a lot.  Some of those … Continue reading

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Accessories Inventory: Gaps

I mentioned a few accessory gaps when I did my wardrobe gaps post, so I’ll try to make this one a bit more focused.  These are some areas where I feel I’m really lacking in the accessories realm. Hats (in … Continue reading

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Accessories Inventory: My Essentials

Like items in my wardrobe, there are certain accessories I own that I couldn’t go without. A Basic Pearl Necklace (Coryell Design) I love my pearls.  They give any outfit an extra touch of class.  And they never, ever go … Continue reading

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Accessories Inventory: Analyzing what you have

Shoes: 23 total (get another view here) Looking at this image, I’m actually surprised at how few pairs of shoes I have.  I’m pretty set in the casual department, mostly from inheriting about five pairs of Chuck Taylors when my … Continue reading

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Accessories Inventory: The Raw Numbers

My Accessories Spread I thoroughly enjoyed my wardrobe inventory, and it seems that many of you did too.  I’ve decided to go ahead and do a similar inventory of my accessories. I don’t think there will be quite as much … Continue reading

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My Wardrobe Essentials – Clothes

Going through my wardrobe inventory challenge has really got me thinking about what my wardrobe essentials are.  With a small amount of space for clothes, I find it really important to consider what I love wear and wear frequently, as … Continue reading

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Wardrobe Inventory: My Gaps

While spending all this time analyzing my wardrobe, I’ve noticed quite a few gaps.  Some are more significant than others; some are ultra specific while others are very general.  I’m documenting it here because I want to be more intentional … Continue reading

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Wardrobe Inventory: What I'm Ditching

I realize it’s been awhile, but do you remember when I started my wardrobe inventory project back in May?  I started out by counting all the different items in my wardrobe, which helped me to see where my strengths and … Continue reading

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Wardrobe Inventory: Step 2

(Note:  I was having some Google Reader issues earlier, so sorry if you’re getting this twice) So guess what?  Today, instead of just getting to see one day’s outfit, you get to see my entire wardrobe.  Seriously.  As part of … Continue reading

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Simple Math: Beginning a Wardrobe Inventory

Current State of My Closet Inspired by Struggling to be Stylish‘s recent Friday challenge, I decided to count all the clothes in my closet.  I figured this could be a useful exercise to find out exactly how much I have.  I … Continue reading

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